Roundtable Discussions

The Breakfast Roundtables are now just the Roundtables, as this year we have added a lunch session! 

Each day we will take a different approach to exploring the conference theme through interactive and engaging conversation, including interaction between virtual and in-person participants.  You are welcome to join us for one, two, or all three Roundtable discussions.  

The Roundtable sessions are open to all conference attendees, no pre-registration or extra fee is required.  No prior knowledge or experience is required, and all conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to participate.  The more diverse the participation, the more diverse the conversation!

  • Wednesday morning we will host a World Cafe discussion online, focused on the overall conference theme of symbiosis.  We will delve into our relationship with nature, and wildlife in particular, over three discussion rounds.

  • Thursday at lunch we will have a hybrid discussion, participants will engage in conversation at a single table/zoom room then we will use technology to bring everyone together to share outcomes.  Focusing on the daily theme of parasitism, the session will start with a short brainstorm about the barriers that prevent positive relationships from forming, resulting in non-productive, one-directional, or otherwise parasitic relationships instead of symbiotic or commensal relationships. Then we will have an in depth discussion about developing and implementing solutions.

  • Friday morning we will host parallel “Conference Conversations” sessions, with separate online and in person forums, to connect with fellow participants over discussion prompts ranging from silly to thought provoking.